So you think you’re better than me?

It can be great to have a best friend. Someone who is like your other half, and someone you can really identify with, but i think it can be dangerous to identify too much with your friends. I know, that for some people it can get to a level where you see everything as a competition between yourself and your friends.
When I describe it like this, it really sound like I say that this wouldn’t be a pretty good friendship, but sometimes I see myself like this kind of person too, I have to admit that. It’s not very satisfying always being compared to others, to be the second best and to be the second choice. Never the less, people will always compare you to others, and mostly it will be the people close to you, which isn’t good, but it’s also impossible to avoid. There wouldn’t be any good without bad, so you can’t really blame anyone for this. You can just be yourself and hope for acceptance. Namaste.


Dear me in 20 years

Dear me in 20 years

I read something the other day, about this philosopher called Sartre. He believed that the existence and the essence of a person wasn’t connected, and that the essence of a man would change as a result to the choices he make. This is why it is so much harder to write a letter to you, than to 14 year old me, because i already know what the essence of 14 year old me was, and what the essence of me today is.
I can’t really tell you anything, like i could with 14 year old me, can i? It is you that have something to teach me. I hope that you’re happy, and i hope you held on to everything that was worth it.

Dear 14 year old me

Dear 14 year old me
I don’t want to warn you about all the bad things that are coming,because i definitely think they have made me become who i am today. Instead i want to tell you what you have to look forward to, cause even though you’re might not happy at the moment, you will be.
You are going to meet some amazing people in the future. They will become the reason why you are getting out of bed in the morning, and they will make you smile, please trust them.
Sometimes you have to let go of something you really care about, even though it might seem like the hardest thing in the world, but it is totally worth it.