When you are in a relationship, you have made a promise to each other about only being with eachother and no one else, but if one suddenly wanted to be with someone else, the other part would have absolutely no right to say no to his/her partner. Isn’t it weird that we make theese promises and deals that don’t really count for us anyway? Well, of course they count, but they are often being broken. Just look at all the people who are getting divorced, maybe it went so wrong for them because they promised each other too much. Someone once told me, that you should never promise another person more than you were absolutely sure you could live up too, and i really believe that.


When your wife is a man

I read an article yesterday, about a man who had been married to the same woman for 19 years, but after 19 years of marriage, he had found out that his wife actually had been born as a man and had been operated to change sex. The 19 years they had been married had been perfectly fine and happy, but now he wanted to get a divorce.
I just wonder why it is so important that his wife used to be a man, because she isn’t a man anymore. If you have been married for 19 years you propably love eachother, at least you should…So what does it really matter?

Is marriage romantic or stupid?

I had a teacher last year who said that he thought it was stupid to get married, because you shouldn’t go around and promise people big things that you cant live up to. Like, you would never promise a friend “till death do us part”.
I have thought about this so many times since. I am a big romantic, but what he said actually made a lot of sence to me. But do some people really leave each other because of promises that are too big, like my teacher made it sound like? Well…At least that i what i think he made it sound like.

And now i make it sound like you can’t be romantic if you aren’t a big fan of marriage, but of course that’s not true.