I guess most people know, that some woman have the ability to manipulate men, and use sex as a weapon. I don’t always think they notice it themself, it is something in their subconsciousness, but where does it come from? I mean, what affected them, so that they became like that? This isn’t one of those posts where i might have an answer, or at least an idea of what the answer could be.
Anyway, i think it’s so sad, for all parts that get involved, but what can you do?


When your wife is a man

I read an article yesterday, about a man who had been married to the same woman for 19 years, but after 19 years of marriage, he had found out that his wife actually had been born as a man and had been operated to change sex. The 19 years they had been married had been perfectly fine and happy, but now he wanted to get a divorce.
I just wonder why it is so important that his wife used to be a man, because she isn’t a man anymore. If you have been married for 19 years you propably love eachother, at least you should…So what does it really matter?


What defines when something is girly, or when something is boyish? It seems logic, that a girl or a woman should be connected to things you see as feminin and girly, and a man should be connected to masculine things. What i mean is, that the perfect woman logically should be all feminin, but that’s just not the way things work. We seem to find the people who has a bit of both more attractive, so how can we know what is feminin, and what is masculine?