So you think you’re better than me?

It can be great to have a best friend. Someone who is like your other half, and someone you can really identify with, but i think it can be dangerous to identify too much with your friends. I know, that for some people it can get to a level where you see everything as a competition between yourself and your friends.
When I describe it like this, it really sound like I say that this wouldn’t be a pretty good friendship, but sometimes I see myself like this kind of person too, I have to admit that. It’s not very satisfying always being compared to others, to be the second best and to be the second choice. Never the less, people will always compare you to others, and mostly it will be the people close to you, which isn’t good, but it’s also impossible to avoid. There wouldn’t be any good without bad, so you can’t really blame anyone for this. You can just be yourself and hope for acceptance. Namaste.



I guess most people know, that some woman have the ability to manipulate men, and use sex as a weapon. I don’t always think they notice it themself, it is something in their subconsciousness, but where does it come from? I mean, what affected them, so that they became like that? This isn’t one of those posts where i might have an answer, or at least an idea of what the answer could be.
Anyway, i think it’s so sad, for all parts that get involved, but what can you do?


When you are in a relationship, you have made a promise to each other about only being with eachother and no one else, but if one suddenly wanted to be with someone else, the other part would have absolutely no right to say no to his/her partner. Isn’t it weird that we make theese promises and deals that don’t really count for us anyway? Well, of course they count, but they are often being broken. Just look at all the people who are getting divorced, maybe it went so wrong for them because they promised each other too much. Someone once told me, that you should never promise another person more than you were absolutely sure you could live up too, and i really believe that.

The “I love You”-phenomenon

I don’t know if the “I love You”-phenomenon have existed in many decades, or just as long as i have been a teenager. When i say the “I love You”-phenomenon, i mean when everybody tells each other how much they love one another, all the time. Don’t get me wrong, love is the most amazing thing in the world, but you shouldn’t over do it.
You actually don’t hear the words much in your everyday life, but on Facebook for example, people say it all the time. What really makes me wonder is that people post it on each others Facebook walls instead of using private messages. I guess it’s just a way of drawing attention to yourself, and making yourself likeable. It is all about getting “likes”.

When your wife is a man

I read an article yesterday, about a man who had been married to the same woman for 19 years, but after 19 years of marriage, he had found out that his wife actually had been born as a man and had been operated to change sex. The 19 years they had been married had been perfectly fine and happy, but now he wanted to get a divorce.
I just wonder why it is so important that his wife used to be a man, because she isn’t a man anymore. If you have been married for 19 years you propably love eachother, at least you should…So what does it really matter?


What defines when something is girly, or when something is boyish? It seems logic, that a girl or a woman should be connected to things you see as feminin and girly, and a man should be connected to masculine things. What i mean is, that the perfect woman logically should be all feminin, but that’s just not the way things work. We seem to find the people who has a bit of both more attractive, so how can we know what is feminin, and what is masculine?

Everything isn’t just black and white

We use so much time, thanking the people who does something good to us, which is great! But why don’t we ever thank the people who has treated us badly? What i mean is…haven’t they affected us just as much as our good friends? They have helped ud just as much as anyone else, becoming who we are today. Imagine what the world would look like if this was a reality, i can’t really figure out if it would be positive or negative. It is so hard to change your mind on people who already made a bad impression on you, but i am just trying to be positive.

The princess and…me?

This is a weird observation, and i don’t know if it is true. But lately i noticed,that when girls want to get a guy who’s already with a girl they often say hello and shake hands with their “opponent”(mostly drunk girls of course). 
It makes me feel like a toad when it happens, it is like they are thinking “fair enough, you’re uglier than me, no problem”.
From my latest posts i might seem kinda pathetic, but that is not what i wan’t you to think. I just feel so indifferent next to him. I am not the princess, i am the toad…or am i? Because it’s the princess who gets the prince right?

Anyone who knows what i mean?

Is marriage romantic or stupid?

I had a teacher last year who said that he thought it was stupid to get married, because you shouldn’t go around and promise people big things that you cant live up to. Like, you would never promise a friend “till death do us part”.
I have thought about this so many times since. I am a big romantic, but what he said actually made a lot of sence to me. But do some people really leave each other because of promises that are too big, like my teacher made it sound like? Well…At least that i what i think he made it sound like.

And now i make it sound like you can’t be romantic if you aren’t a big fan of marriage, but of course that’s not true.