Animal rights is the new black

As a vegatarian, i of course love it when people want to do something good for animals, and for animal rights. Sometimes i just feel that caring about animals has been something people do because it is modern and “in”. For example many people talk about how wearing fur is the most cruel thing you can do to animals, but then you see the same people wearing leather, and to me that is the exact same thing. I also don’t really get it when thoose people who are against fur, eat meat. Some people might not get why i say this as a vegetarian, but if you are gonna kill an animal, why not use everything you can on it? The problem about this, at least from my point of view, is that we were once hunting animals to survive, to eat the meat, and so that the skin and fur could keep us warm, but it isn’t like that anymore. We have so many other alternatives today, so why not use them?


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