Dear 14 year old me

Dear 14 year old me
I don’t want to warn you about all the bad things that are coming,because i definitely think they have made me become who i am today. Instead i want to tell you what you have to look forward to, cause even though you’re might not happy at the moment, you will be.
You are going to meet some amazing people in the future. They will become the reason why you are getting out of bed in the morning, and they will make you smile, please trust them.
Sometimes you have to let go of something you really care about, even though it might seem like the hardest thing in the world, but it is totally worth it.


2 thoughts on “Dear 14 year old me

    • It actually made me kinda emotional to write this. You can think of a younger version of yourself, but it is something else when you have to talk directly to yourself. I think you should try it.
      Thank you for reading!

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