Scary goodbyes

Im 17 years old, and i’m in a place in my life where everyone i know will soon move on in alot of different directions. Maybe someone will move to a bigger town to find better education oppertunities, or maybe some will travel.

Until a short while ago i had never thought about it, but then a friend of mine mentioned it, and now i find it pretty scary. It is dangerous to fall in love at this point in life, you could find someone and have the most amazing 6 months in your life, but then on the other side, it would hurt just as much when you had to say goodbye. Would it be worth it?


One thought on “Scary goodbyes

  1. If you ask me, then probably yes. If you fall in love with him, it’ll take some time to get over him but in the end your heart will be filled with precious memories rather than what if’s !

    Wish you all the best for your future. 🙂

    \With warm regards

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