The princess and…me?

This is a weird observation, and i don’t know if it is true. But lately i noticed,that when girls want to get a guy who’s already with a girl they often say hello and shake hands with their “opponent”(mostly drunk girls of course).¬†
It makes me feel like a toad when it happens, it is like they are thinking “fair enough, you’re uglier than me, no problem”.
From my latest posts i might seem kinda pathetic, but that is not what i wan’t you to think. I just feel so indifferent next to him. I am not the princess, i am the toad…or am i? Because it’s the princess who gets the prince right?

Anyone who knows what i mean?


A face to remember…or not

When you say hi to someone you were pretty sure would remember you, and they don’t….well, this is awkward. And kinda depressing.
I feel like that girl, Jenna, from “awkward” who receives a letter saying “as you are now you could disappear and no one would notice”.

Those days…

Those days when you feel like you’re the most awkward person in the whole world, and it is like you don’t know yourself. Yeah this was pretty much my day, not that anything special happend, it’s just a feeling i get sometimes. It sounds so random, but does anyone know what i’m talking about?

Is marriage romantic or stupid?

I had a teacher last year who said that he thought it was stupid to get married, because you shouldn’t go around and promise people big things that you cant live up to. Like, you would never promise a friend “till death do us part”.
I have thought about this so many times since. I am a big romantic, but what he said actually made a lot of sence to me. But do some people really leave each other because of promises that are too big, like my teacher made it sound like? Well…At least that i what i think he made it sound like.

And now i make it sound like you can’t be romantic if you aren’t a big fan of marriage, but of course that’s not true.

The ugly duckling – follow up

I think i have to follow up on what i wrote yesterday, because i feel like i could be understood in the wrong way.
I am not very conscious about how everybody else looks, it doesn’t matter to me. It is more the way i look at myself, and no, i am not struggling with low self-esteem like many teenagers are, but i guess you will always be much more conscious about the way you look yourself than the way others look. I absolutely think you should be proud of what you got, and not try to be anyone else.

Now i am just starting to sound a little clich√©, sorry. I hope you don’t misunderstand me.

The ugly duckling

Sometimes i wonder why everybody wants to look pretty. I am talking the stereotypical image of pretty, please keep that in mind, i really believe beauty comes from within.

But for some, i guess it is all about drawing attention to yourself, and of course that can feel really great, but then on the other side, many people won’t see anything else than your look. Couldn’t ugliness be used to filter out the shallow people? If you were really ugly you would be sure that the people around you really loved you…but no one would propably wish to be ugly, myself included, and why not? Maybe i am just as shallow as anyone else.


I really love taking photos. Lately i have been taking alot of pictures of one of my friends, she is really easy to take pictures of because she just have fun and act natural in front of the camera, which is really hard for many people…i guess we all know the duckface?
Theese pictures were originally very bright and colorful, but lately i have just been more into dark colors. I don’t have a big fancy camera, but i hope you will like theese anyway.

Scary goodbyes

Im 17 years old, and i’m in a place in my life where everyone i know will soon move on in alot of different directions. Maybe someone will move to a bigger town to find better education oppertunities, or maybe some will travel.

Until a short while ago i had never thought about it, but then a friend of mine mentioned it, and now i find it pretty scary. It is dangerous to fall in love at this point in life, you could find someone and have the most amazing 6 months in your life, but then on the other side, it would hurt just as much when you had to say goodbye. Would it be worth it?